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  • Prayer for protection

    I need protection

  • Healing

    Thank God for all the graces and blessings I have received
    Prayer Request for "Ricardo Junior" by:

    -Healing, Knee
    -Spiritual Healing
    -Family Harmony

  • Mercy & Grace

    Please help me pray that the Holy Spirit will intercede in all the actions of Michele Rios & Maria de Nazaré & Fatima Rodriguez and Iranice Tavares; may all actions become blessings of God,That Blessed and Protected be the Pastors Rogerio & Ederson, and all from the prayer group formed by Jose, Laura, Linda, Sandy, Vera, Claudia & Maria Sobel . In the name of Jesus, Thank you!

  • Revival

    Can you pray for me for also guidance and to be able to deal with Cristism some of the people from multiple churches have critisezed me and the issues relatively small matter but I forgive them , pray for those churches and pray for some other churches also I m not telling which ones that are bad but these churches have been told to me pray for flatirons community Church and Ricky mountain Christian Church and Calvary chapel and the first Presbyterian Church in boulder and also breakthrough ministries and also victory church Broomfield and lifebridge church and new horizons church and also bridgeway church and Calvary Aurora church and lifesong church and impact Rock church and Calvary csd church and river of fellowship Church and Calvary Church and impact church and the dayspring church and Calvary bible church also and for josh and Dorington to forgive me and to have the desire to talk to me again and for another friend for rebuking me over the phone and for hanging up on me, thank you very much and have a good day. And pray they are nice to me when I come to the churches and pray this specific prayer that the Lord will help whatever church I go to be able to life there burdens so they are nice to me when I come through the doors , since I have given so much of my time and money there these last three and a half years and pray for Richard and ashley and Danika and Vanessa and Lacey and rexen and Chris and for a guy named cree and for another Richard and for Adam and for bob and brother to have a good relationship and for bob to be able to forgive people and so the Lord puts people in his life that can reflect Christ and pray for Dave and for his neighbors and for raul and his wife and there son as they get ready to go to the phillipines and pray for the Philippines and so the gospel get shared there, last of all pray for luke and his family and for Jack to be nice to me when his sees me and for the people at the two apartment complexes that I used to visit my friends at to forgive me because I allready apologized to them as far as I know and I meant then no harm they just mistook me for someone who was loitering or a troublemaker when I was there to visit friends and to do the lord work with the Lord and pray for Andrew as he is in Peru choosing to stay there after his mission trip and for his family and for Josue and Matt and Victor and mark and Richard and Mica thanks

  • For my present courtship & future marriage

    Please pray for my present courtship & future marriage.

    Its 4 years since I've started to know him close. He loves me, cares for me & he's a good boyfriend. but same time he's inclined to another girl & now he says he loves another girl.
    I was always loyal to him, even though he ignore me some times, I never stopped messaging or thinking & praying about him.
    Sometimes I feel why do loyal, honest & committed girls always get cheated on.
    No matter what I keep my commitment. I will always love him. As I prayed before God answered all my prayers.
    I love him so much but I'm very upset when he speaks certain stuff. God knows what I'm going through & what I mean. It's so painful.

    Please please pray that my guy comes back to me, loves me truly, tells it to me & intends to marry me. Please pray that we become husband & wife soon. Please please pray that he will not have any idea of any other women. May all those chains break in the Name of Jesus. I pray the powerful blood of Jesus around myself & my guy together.
    Please please pray for our present courtship, future marriage & our lives.
    Praise the Lord.

    Thank you so much

  • Prayer Request

    Prayer Request for "Rafael Barreto" by:

    -Spiritual Healing
    -Family Harmony
    -Financial Problems
    -Purchase of the House

  • Grace & Faith

    Please pray with me for Rebecca Eagen, I hold her before the Face of Our loving God that He may grant the aspiration of the holy spirit in the heart of her and she can grow in closeness to God. I place the Holy Name of Jesus upon Rebecca's life, amen.

  • Revival

    Pray for me and for guidance and that the lord would help me to delight in him and also i have had the interest in helping others in disaster relief and sharing the gospel also so pray for me to to be able to do some good both here jn colorado and anywhere the lord wants me to go because i am interested in helping out , pray for my friends dorington andd josh that they would forgive me and pray for josue and sharon and megan to forgive me and pray for them even though they are my friends pray they would have a desire to spend time with me and for them to love me and to have a desire for deeper friendship with me and that the lord would reveal that my intentions for them are good and pray for a guy named pastor tim for his guidance and pray for my family and pray for a girl named Miriam and pray for the half way house in Longmont and pray for chris who is dealing with court charges from what I heard, and pray for Bob's whole family and his brothers family member who has been siick with lukeemia but i think one of them passed away who had lukemia but pray that any of them that need healing because i don't know if any of them have lukemia or not, but also pray for destiny's whole family because I heard her dad was siick with canceer and for troy who recently had a heart attack,pray for Jesse and his relationship with the lord and for my relationship to the lord and for his relationship with a girl that is a friend, and pray for Joe and his dad who has alllziemers dizease and pray for another group of missionaries from Ireland and pray they can get there Visa or whatever they need to to minister in Ireland and pray for all the calvary chapel churches pray for Ireland and Saudi Arabia and Russia and pray for Israel and for Jordan and pray for Peru and pray for Mexico and for any lesbian or gay or transgendered people in the world and pray for all the people in any jails and prisons in the world, and for any kids in the world and for any homeless people in the world and for the company of Amazon and that they change the responses of Alexa to tell the truth about jesus and Christian topics and pray for any cults and any satanic groups and hate groups and for the ACLU and for any and pray for our godly leaders in our government an pray for Guatemala Honduras, Panama and Australia and New Zealand and for our country and India and Syria and north and South Korea and for lebanon and China and jordan and Egypt Sudan and Haiti and for Afghanistan and Pakistan and and all the former Soviet union, mexico and france and canada and el Salvador and venuezuela and pray the people have food and protection in Venezuela and for Jamaica and Cuba and Canada and Dominican republic and Puerto Rico and Costa Rica and Bolivia and Peru, and for the immigrant crisis and for any natural disaster areas in the us and for thialand and yemen and Australia and Iran and greece and Israel and Gaza and Palestine and Jordan and Italy and Turkey and Burma and India and Sri Lanka and pray for the govt not to take away the 2nd amendment and other constitutional rights and pray for my brother to learn to love christ and to love people of other races and pray for a couple that i heard about about but I don't know their names, pray for me for me to do well at having a nice relationship with lord here in town and also if I go out of town and if I go to blackhawk or central city or if I go to a bar in Erie or if I go to any bars or night clubs becuase I like to share about the lorrd so thankyou!

    And pray for all the people on the world

  • Arthritis

    Please continue to remember my son James. He was scheduled to return to work last Saturday but his doctor said he has not shown the progress that was anticipated.
    He was told to say off work another 3 months as well as change this treatment.
    We are concerned not only for his physical health but his state of mind also.
    Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  • Grace & Faith

    By the blood of Jesus, Please help me pray and consecrate Luciana Lima's life to Jesus. I place in the Lord's hands all the actions that she has done. In the name of Jesus, Blessed be this situation, Amen.

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